Our mission, aims and values

RedbridgeCVS (Redbridge Council for Voluntary Service) is a member of the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA), London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC) and the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and is committed to promoting and developing local voluntary and community action.

We are a registered charity, number 1005075
We are a registered company, number 2569614

Our Mission

“To promote, support and develop a strong, effective and independent voluntary and community sector in Redbridge.”

Our Aims

We plan to succeed in RedbridgeCVS's mission by working to achieve the following aims:

  1. Redbridge voluntary and community sector to be strong and strategic partners when working with local statutory bodies and promoting a positive vision of Redbridge.
  2. Redbridge voluntary and community sector to maintain its independence and flexibility.
  3. RedbridgeCVS to be a credible and authoritative representative of the voluntary and community sector.
  4. RedbridgeCVS to be able to respond to Redbridge voluntary and community sector support and development needs; enabling Redbridge’s voluntary and community sector to grow to meet local needs.
  5. RedbridgeCVS to encourage, support and facilitate the development of sustainable communities.
  6. RedbridgeCVS to provide sound planning for sustainability in order to continue the furtherance of our work supporting the voluntary and community sector in Redbridge.

It should be noted that these aims are interrelated and in no particular order.

Our Values

RedbridgeCVS exists to promote, support and develop a strong, effective and independent voluntary and community sector in Redbridge in order to improve the quality of life for individuals, groups and communities. This requires us to work actively towards combating the poverty and disadvantage that exclude or constrain the opportunities of many individuals, groups and communities from full participation in civil society.

We recognise the richness and creativity of a diverse society. We are committed to ensuring that no individual, group or community is disadvantaged or excluded from playing an active part in society because of their race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability, sexuality, religion, age, class or geographical location.

We also recognise that inequalities exist based on the above factors and we will therefore actively work with individuals, groups or communities whose full participation in society is limited by economic, political and social disadvantage.
Our policies and practices stem from the following set of values:

  • We believe in equality of opportunity and social justice for all;
  • We believe in the right of individuals to work collectively to participate in decision making and local action;
  • We believe in the importance of building the capacity of local voluntary and community groups in order that they are democratic and accountable;
  • We believe the voluntary and community sector must always be at the heart of community development and regeneration.

RedbridgeCVS is committed to delivering services within an honest, open and welcoming environment where all service users, partners, staff and funders are treated with respect.

In doing so we embrace:

  • Equality and diversity
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Sharing
  • Continuous improvement

Our Constitution

Our constitution – officially, it's called our "Memorandum and Articles of Association" – is available to download here.

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