IT training from Redbridge Institute

Every voluntary or community organisation needs IT skills. Redbridge Institute offers IT courses for both beginners and improvers.

£15 for a ten-week course


  • Beginners
    You can learn basics like simple word processing. You also learn how to search for information on the internet.
  • Improvers
    Improve your computer skills and gain a qualification. Create, edit and format different kinds of documents and learn to manage files.
  • Internet and email
    Learn how to search the internet for information and set up and use an email account.
  • iPad
    Use your Apple tablet to its full potential.

Dates, times and locations

Courses last ten weeks, starting in late September 2018. Sessions last two hours each, and start at different times in the morning and afternoon. Sessions finish by 3pm at the latest. More courses will start in spring and summer 2019. Courses are available in Hainault, Ilford and Gants Hill. Most courses are available at all locations, but the course on using your iPad is only available in Hainault.

Enrolment and eligibility

  • You must have lived in the UK or EU for three years or more and be 19 or older.
  • You must pay the fee when you join a course. Fees cannot be refunded.
  • You can only enrol for a course on certain dates
  • If you want to join a course in Ilford, you need to attend an interview in mid-September.

More information

Contact Redbridge Institute on 020 8550 2398 or at, or see their website.

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