RedbridgeCVS and RCYPN: Reflections on the Wedding of the Year

The Kittens Wedding, tacky Victorian tableau involving stuffed kittens

The wedding ceremony (artist's impression)

You may have thought the wedding of the year involved Harry and Meghan, but in this personal take Saffina Masood of RCYPN offers an alternative view.

As most of you will know, RCYPN merged with RedbridgeCVS earlier this year. The official date for this ‘marriage’ was Sunday 1 April! This is certainly a wedding anniversary date that neither partner will forget in a hurry, but hopefully not just because it is also April Fools day! In the words of the ‘Spice Girls’, on this day, “Two became one”!

Six months into the ‘marriage’, we are still in a honeymoon period. As with all newlyweds, we are still deliriously happy and are actually talking to one another (and even listening to each other), smile happily at one another and are making exciting plans for our future together! These plans include the patter of tiny feet! Yes. You heard right! We are hoping to have children in our lives! This will hopefully be by way of a new venture with our ‘relatives’ in the statutory sector who are working with us to help Redbridge achieve UNICEF accreditation status as a ‘Child Friendly Borough’. Our aim is to ensure that - amongst other things - children & young people have a say about decisions affecting them and can access good health and education.

Being starry eyed, we are even actively communicating with the ‘in-laws’. Okay, admittedly by this we mean the ‘family’ of schools in the borough. This is for another exciting new project called by which we hope to see a School Uniform Bank established. We have already had a good response to this idea from local schools and hope to invite everyone who has expressed interest in this, to come over to ours for a chat over a cuppa.

So, as you will see, the ‘nuptials’ are proving strong so far. Three months after the ‘wedding’, the contact details of the divorce lawyers were shredded - as was the pre-nuptial agreement!

We are quietly confident that we have found ‘the one’ in each other. We look forward to a happy and prosperous future together and can’t wait till our first anniversary to hang up the bunting! We hope you will be able to join us and help cut the cake!

If you would like to know more about the projects mentioned above, and are not afraid to be involved, please contact Saffina on 020 8514 4420 or email

PS - We would urge you to contact us soon before we begin to hide behind our newspapers at breakfast or lose ourselves in our mobile phones and the incessant WhatsApp messages; a plight which seems to befall even the strongest of relationships!





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