Community Resilience Workshop

Wednesday, 9 December, 2020 - 12:30

The British Red Cross are running a Community Resilience Programme working with Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector in Redbridge to better prepare, respond and recover from emergencies.

Communities are around long before an emergency and are usually the first to arrive at an emergency then stay behind to help after it has passed. Resilient communities are better prepared to respond to an emergency and recover without long lasting negative impacts.

On the 9 December at 12:30, the British Red Cross are running introductory Community Resilience Workshops in Redbridge. As you work and/or live in Redbridge, you know the needs of your community best. The Red Cross want to hear your opinions and involve you in the workshops.

What’s in it for you?

This will give you an opportunity to contribute to local workshops, to teach you about local emergency response and potentially take more of a leadership role in your community by becoming a community advocate.

What’s in it for you community?

Increase the resilience of your community to be prepared for, respond to and recover from emergencies such as power cuts, fires, and floods.

How to get involved?

Online Community Resilience Workshop on Wednesday 9th of December:  Register here

If would like more information about our programme please look here or contact Ben at / 07803018362

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