British Red Cross to hold second Community Resilience Workshop in Redbridge

Image showing a few of the Red Cross's staff members
Friday, 6 September, 2019

British Red Cross and Community & Voluntary Sector Resilience (CVSR) project are pleased to invite individuals and community groups to the second session of a series of workshops in the tri-boroughs of Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham and Waltham Forest. These sessions are open to individuals and groups interested in learning and developing better ways of preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergencies.

The CVSR project wants to build strong and sustainable links between the community groups, local authorities and emergency services to improve collaboration before, during and after emergencies, harnessing community skills, talents and assets. The purpose of the project is to ultimately co-produce, alongside community organisations, emergency plans that would better equip local groups to recognise the role they can play in an emergency and explore how they could improve their recovery and resilience planning.

The first workshop with local organisations in Redbridge held on the 29th of August provided keys insights on the capacities of local organisations to support their communities before, during and after an emergency. The groups in attendance, representing faith sector, community education and women welfare, worked enthusiastically and provided key insights and analysis of community concerns, community assets and social networks that were mapped during the workshop. During the session we assessed the impact severity and frequency of different community concerns and events, identified and categorised community assets, exploring the gaps in assets availability and their potential for responding to an emergency; we then identified the specific organisations that could be involved in improving the way assets are used and reducing the hazards related to the concerns advanced by the groups.

We are aware that many groups did not managed to make it to the first session, so we have organised a second session on the 17th of September from 12.00 to 13. 30 at Redbridge Central Library.

In this session the British Red Cross Data Analyst & User Support team will present some of the data capture of the first workshop through story maps. As part of the session they will ask participants to take part in short exercises aiming to:

  • Understand the hazards affecting communities in Redbridge,
  • Identify, locate and visualise the hazards and barriers that threaten the community and its assets
  • Visualise the assets within the community which could be deployed to help prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies

If you intend to participate or want to know more about the project feel free to contact Alessandro Froldi - Community Resilience Project Officer - British Red Cross - ER Operations – London on 07841727036 or email

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