Child Sexual Abuse - Consultation with the Community and Voluntary Sector

Thursday, 1 April, 2021

Redbridge Safeguarding Children Partnership (RSCP) are asking statutory agencies to complete a self-assessment on the topic of Child Sexual Abuse.

Who it is aimed at

This consultation survey is aimed at voluntary and community sector groups working in Redbridge with children, young people and families.  It is part of the work of the Redbridge Safeguarding Children Partnership (RSCP) in supporting agencies in the identification, protection and support of children at risk of sexual abuse within the family context, one of the priority areas for 2021 - 2022.

Why RSCP are consulting

It is widely accepted that safeguarding children is everyone's business, and depends on joint working across all sectors.  The RSCP would like to understand how groups within the voluntary and community sector feel that they are contributing to the identification, protection and support of children at risk of child sexual abuse and whether there are any gaps in terms of knowledge, skills or information that could be provided to help in this area.

The RSCP should be grateful if you or another person from your voluntary or community group (e.g. Safeguarding Lead) would complete the short survey.  The survey should take a maximum of 10 minutes.


The survey Opened on the 29th March 2021 and will close on the 31st May 2021

Survey Link

For More Information Contact:

Lesley Perry

(RSCP Manager)


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