Could you help us improve the Redbridge Compact?

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Wednesday, 13 February, 2019

The Public & Voluntary Sectors Partnership (PaVSP) is made up of  5 voluntary and community sector representatives; 5 Councillors; and individuals from the local police, fire, health and mental health services.  As part of its work programme for this year they are updating the Redbridge Compact which is a joint agreement between voluntary groups and public bodies, and exists to help the partners improve their relationship for mutual advantage and community gain.  The first Redbridge Compact was developed in 2003.  Since that time the Compact has helped different sectors work together to develop policy, design public services and gain funding.

The PaVSP's view is that the Compact does not need to be completely re-written, but that it needs updating.  They do want to add specific headings relating to co-production and social value.

PaVSP is meeting again on 13 March consider a draft of the new document and would welcome comments from voluntary and community sector organisations.  The current Compact is available here.  If you would like to make any suggestions on the document then please contact Liz Pearce, Operations Manager at RedbridgeCVS by email to

The RedbridgeCVS April Network meeting will be devoted to the 2019-2022 Compact.

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