Do you offer digital services to the Redbridge Community?

Few people pointing and looking at the laptop screen
Friday, 15 January, 2021

Redbridge Council’s digital team are mapping out current digital support provision in the borough in order to improve digital inclusion. Please tell us if you offer digital services to the Redbridge community. This could be remote IT or devices support, Wi-Fi availability, classes, buddying, qualifications etc. Please get in touch with us at with a few lines about what you offer, or if you have time, please use the table below:

Location (please list all of your sites) Website and contact details (if applicable) Skills – please provide details of any skills offers that are available at each site, including formal (e.g. classes and qualifications) and informal support (e.g. buddying) Wi-Fi – is free Wi-Fi available at the site? Devices – If devices are available at the site, please detail what they are, how many are available and how they can be accessed (e.g. loaned out, used on-site) Other relevant offer – please give details of anything else you think partners should be aware of.

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