Family support from the council

A photograph of two adults holding hands and walking with two children.
Friday, 11 March, 2022

Redbridge Council is seeking your views on The Healthy Child Programme, a free health and support service for families.

The service aims to:

  • Help parents, carers or guardians develop and sustain a strong bond with children
  • Support parents, carers, or guardians in keeping children healthy and safe and reaching their full potential
  • Protect children from serious disease, through screening and immunisation
  • Reduce childhood obesity by promoting healthy eating and physical activity
  • Promote oral health
  • Support resilience and positive maternal and family mental health
  • Support the development of healthy relationships and good sexual and reproductive health;
  • Identify health and wellbeing issues early, so support and early interventions can be provided in a timely manner
  • Make sure children are prepared for and supported in all childcare, early years and education settings and are especially supported to be ‘ready to learn at 2 and ready for school by 5.

The Council would like to know:

  • Whether you are aware of the services available
  • If you have accessed the services and how your experience was
  • Why you have not accessed services if you have not done so.

Click here to complete this 5-minute survey.



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