Funding opportunity from London Funders

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Wednesday, 28 September, 2022

The Mayor has been working with London Funders to bring together public and independent funders as well as the capital’s equity infrastructure organisations to develop a collaborative fund offering grants to civil society groups in London.

The collaboration is about building long-term funding partnerships and enabling communities who have traditionally struggled to access funding to explore, develop and lead collaborative approaches that tackle some of London’s biggest issues.  

Deliver and Develop Grants

Deliver and Develop Grants will enable civil society organisations to scale up existing delivery, learn about and evidence what works and consider how your approach can be embedded across the system that you’re working in to deliver lasting change.

Deliver and Develop Grants will focus on three missions set out by the London Recovery Board, the body which guides the capital’s post-Covid recovery:  

  • Robust Safety Net
    • Webinar: 11th October, 10-11.30am
  • New Deal for Young People
  • Building Strong Communities

Click here for more information about the scheme.

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