Funding success for local groups with RedbridgeCVS support

David from RECC
Friday, 9 March, 2018

Two Redbridge organisations have recently had fundraising successes after receiving support from Shaweb Ahmed, RedbridgeCVS’s Fundraising Officer.

Redbridge Equalities and Community Council

RECC (pictured above) gained £23,000 from Redbridge Council to restart their work around hate crime. RECC will train volunteers to work with victims of hate crime – for example supporting them after an incident has happened to help them regain their confidence. Volunteers can also take witness statements and support people if they want to report an incident to the police and go through the legal process. RECC will be working in particular around hotspots where hate crime levels have been above average, for example by leafletting to encourage victims to come forward.

Shaweb supported RECC by checking that their prospective funder’s criteria fitted with what they wanted to do. He checked their draft application and also the budget for the project, and made suggestions about how these could be improved.

Redbridge Indian Welfare Association

RIWA have gained almost £1,500 as a small grant from Redbridge Council to run a luncheon club for elderly people. As well as providing a meal, the club will provide a space for people to socialise, and where they can get access to information and advice about healthy living.

Shaweb worked with RIWA on their application form, helping them to develop budget and to put together a project plan including outcomes, so they could show the good that their project was going to do. The group didn’t get all of the funding they applied for, but they got most of it.

We can help your group too!

RedbridgeCVS’s fundraising support service is available to any voluntary organisation in the borough. You can contact Shaweb at or at 020 3874 4137.



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