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Wednesday, 11 September, 2019

How is your organisation getting on with IT? RedbridgeCVS has three new services that can help with problems – and they are all provided free. Apply now!

  • IT Healthcheck
    Do you feel in control of computers and smartphones? Technology can make it so much easier to run an organisation – we show you how. Is information stored safely and reliably? Do you worry about viruses? Are you able to use computers to produce statistics about what you do for funders, or to publicise what you do? Have your staff, volunteers and/or board members got the skills they need?

    We’ll come and spend time at your organisation, checking what systems you have and how they fit with the way you work. Then we’ll write a brief report in plain English (no technical gobbledegook!) explaining what the key issues are that you need to address, and how you can get support and help.

  • Helping You Get Online
    Nine out of ten British people use the internet – including two thirds of pensioners. It’s a crucial way to let other people know about what your organisation does. If you aren’t online, then potential service users, public sector bodies and funders may have no way of knowing you exist. But many groups find it hard to take the first steps.

    We can help you get an initial online presence by helping you to create a “page” on Facebook. Facebook is a social media website used by over two-thirds of British adults. A Facebook page is like a simple website that lets you share information about what you do, how people can contact you, events you’ve organised and also photos and videos. We’ll help you set up the page and provide support so that you can manage it yourselves in future.

  • Helping You Get a Website
    If you want to look like a well-run organisation, your own website is a crucial part of publicising your work. You can include details about what you do; take bookings for events; share photos and video of your activities; produce a blog, or online diary; and all this can reflect your organisation’s style, such as your preferred colours and your logo.

    Setting up and maintaining a website is easier than ever before, but most groups need some help to get started. We’ll set you up a website using Wordpress, the software used by about 4 out of 10 websites. We’ll walk you through organising your information; set up the site; and provide training in how to make changes to it as time goes on.

    Note on costs: we don’t charge anything for this work. But you’ll need to pay a company to “host” your site to make it available on the internet. If you’re a registered charity, this will only cost about £10 per year. If you’re not registered, the cost is about £60 per year.

For more information, contact Colin Wilson on 020 3874 4135 or

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