New organisation provides care in the community

Woman ladles food into a plastic container
Friday, 29 January, 2021

Tears in Action are a new 'Care in the Community ' organisation which aims to support people to live free from homelessness, loneliness, mental health issues, substance abuse and poverty.

They aim to help all individuals and families in need and specifically those whose lives have been adversely impacted by the pandemic and lockdown situation:

Covid Relief Services:

  • Food parcels
  • Clothes
  • Emotional support

For people who are homeless they can provide:

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Clothes
  • Emotional support

Tears in Action also offers a ’gym therapy' initiative which aims to integrate physical exercise with exercising the mind and body to influence positive thinking and change disruptive behaviours such as substance abuse, anger and depression.

They are currently an Outreach support service. Home visits, contact via phone or virtually by using platforms such as ‘Zoom’.

Who to contact

London Borough of RedbridgeNHS Redbridge Clinical Commissioing GroupCity of LondonLondon CouncilsMayor of LondonSkills Funding Agency  Big Lottery