Open Consultation: Protect Duty

Friday, 26 March, 2021

The Security Minister announced the Government’s intention to consult on a ‘Protect Duty’ to improve the safety and security of public venues and spaces, prior to the emergence of COVID-19. This duty will seek the consideration and implementation of appropriate and proportionate security measures for certain organisations and venues.

It appears that the current proposal is that the duty will apply to venues/organisations that:

  • Have a capacity for 100 or more visitors
  • Employ 250 or more staff

This would likely apply to pubs, clubs, libraries, cinema, social clubs, large stores, sports clubs and venues etc.  It would also encompass LBR as an employer for example. 

The duty will potentially have significant resource implications for those required to comply

The consultation was launched on Friday 26th February 2021 by the Home Office Protect Duty.  The consultation will run over 18 weeks until July 2nd 2021.  This is longer than usual due to the impact of COVID-19.

This consultation is open to the public, and is targeted at:

  • venues
  • organisations
  • businesses
  • local authorities
  • public authorities
  • individuals

The consultation is can be accessed at .



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