Positive East Resumes HIV & STI Testing

Friday, 11 June, 2021

Positive East Resume STI Testing:

Positive East are really pleased to be offering HIV & STI testing in the community once again. They have made testing for HIV and STIs more convenient with their appointment booking system and have integrated Covid safety protocols throughout.

You can book your appointment via: https://www.positiveeast.org.uk/hivtest/

They will be continuing to offer online testing services, distributing testing kits and coaching clients over Zoom and Teams. 

Training for Professionals:

Whether you're a pharmacy, GP, drug and alcohol service or a local business looking to expand your knowledge of HIV and STIs you can learn how to talk openly about sexual health with Positive East. 

Positive East's 'Positive about Prevention Workshop' is designed to give you an update on the treatment as prevention toolkit on your lunch break.

Find out more information about each of these and book your place by clicking on the Eventbrite links below. 

HIV Awareness

Positive about HIV Prevention

Supporting Marginalised Communities

For more information contact Gloria at gloria.odongo@positiveeast.org.uk


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