Redbridge Health Inequalities Fund Open for Proposals

Wednesday, 24 May, 2023

NHS North East London has committed to awarding the Redbridge Place Based Partnership (RPbP) approximately £2.1 million over three years to fund innovative projects that will improve health outcomes and support people at higher risk of poor health, and is inviting local voluntary and community organisations and public sector services to submit proposals.

Priorities and Outcomes

Proposals should focus on the following priority activities and groups, and be designed to meet the key outcomes in the North East London Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) Strategy:

Priority groups/dimensions:

  • People with learning disabilities and autism
  • People who are homeless
  • Informal carers
  • Poverty/ deprivation
  • Ethnicity.


  • Improving equity in healthcare access, experience and outcomes, with a focus on the priority groups/ dimensions.
  • Increasing equity across the five key clinical areas of the Core20Plus5: 
    • Adults: maternity, severe mental illness, chronic respiratory disease, early cancer diagnosis, hypertension case finding, smoking cessation
    • Children and young people: asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, oral health, mental health
  • Increasing early diagnosis and addressing unmet need
  • Anti-racism and addressing ethnic inequalities
  • Accelerating prevention
  • Mitigating digital exclusion
  • Working as anchor institutions around employment, procurement, climate and buildings and land.

Key outcomes in the ICP strategy:

  • Across north east London we are reducing the difference in access, outcomes and experience particularly for people from minority ethnic communities, people with learning disabilities and autism, people who are homeless, people living in poverty or deprivation and for carers
  • Healthy life expectancy is improved across NEL and the gap between our most and least deprived areas/those living in poverty and the wealthiest is reduced
  • We routinely measure and address equity in NHS waiting lists supported by improved ethnicity data collection and recording across health and care services leading to delivery of more inclusive, culturally competent and trusted services to our population
  • We understand digital exclusion and ensure new innovations do not widen inequalities
  • We are committed to becoming an intentionally anti-racist system where we prioritise anti-racism, understand lived experience of staff and local people, grow inclusive leaders, act to tackle inequalities, and review our progress regularly
  • We identify and address unmet need including diagnosing more people early and increasing access to care and support, particularly for our most vulnerable or underserved groups
  • We invest in our community and voluntary sector to support prevention and early intervention in a range of ways to suit our diverse population
  • Through our role as ‘anchor’ institutions, we support social and economic development by employing local people furthest from the labour market and prioritising social value in procurement
  • We share and use data to identify the most vulnerable people living locally including those not using services and those frequently using services to provide more targeted and proactive support which better meets their needs.

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals should be completed in the attached form and submitted to by no later than 5pm on Monday 12th June. Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

For more information about the Health Inequalities Fund please see the attached FAQ or contact James Bachmann (email above) or Lynda Obiekwe by email to


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