Redbridge Lottery: Funding Available

Friday, 11 June, 2021

It has been just over seven months since the Redbridge Lottery was launched and started providing a new way for good causes to secure crucial funding for their organisation. Read below to hear from the Clore Tikva School Foundation on how the Redbridge Lottery has helped them secure funding for their organisation.

James Bloom, Vice Chair, Clore Tikva School Foundation Outlines how Redbridge Lottery has Helped Their Organisation: 

"We were made aware of the new Redbridge Lottery in November 2020 and immediately realised what a great opportunity it created for our organisation. Our entire business model relies on donations, but during difficult times such as these, many of our families have had their income severely impacted by COVID and can’t give as they used to.

The lottery offers them the ability to continue to support us in a smaller way and potentially win something at the same time. We’ve used the inbuilt comms offered by the platform to send emails to our community as well as printing posters to increase awareness.

Given the small entry cost for supporters we’ve noticed that we’re also able to engage the wider community as we couldn’t before which has also been a huge benefit. We have on average 1 to 3 winners per week and the cash prizes if won can be gifted back to us by any winners through the platform should they wish to. We’ve had a few people do this too which is amazing.

The money we are raising using the lottery is being used to improve the education and sports facilities we can offer our children - money we’d not otherwise have. All in all we are very happy with the Redbridge lottery and hope to continue using it for some time to come".  

Find Out More About Redbridge Lottery:

So, if you are a good cause and want to help raise additional funding for your organisation sign up to the Redbridge Lottery! If you would like to get more information on the Redbridge Lottery, please contact


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