Sky Sharma Foundation holds Year 6 well-being session

Session at the school
Monday, 9 July, 2018

Sky Sharma Foundation held a wellbeing session on 4 July in collaboration with Downshall Primary School. The session involved year 6 school children who will be moving on to secondary school and covered how they can self-help and change their negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

The workshop was led by Ian Bennett, the head teacher of Downshall Primary along with Neelam Sharma from Sky Sharma Foundation, Maria the deputy head and teachers Yasmin, Rezwana and Sabrina.

The session started with Ian who spoke briefly to the children about the purpose of the session and introduced Neelam to speak about her story. Neelam asked the children how they are feeling, she introduced herself and spoke about why the charity has been set up and what we are doing, and why SSF is here. The children were grouped into groups of 12 around 5 tables with a teacher.

The children participated in 5 activities.

  1. Colouring.
  2. Role play
  3. List their fears of going to secondary school
  4. House of thoughts
  5. Feeling Happiness

At the end of the session the children from each table were asked to give two strategies to be happy.

Neelam ended the session by asking the children if they children enjoyed these activities and hope they use these strategies when they move to secondary school.  She said Sky Sharma Foundation will make cards of these golden rules to be happy and hand them out before they break up for summer holiday to remind them of being happy and not feeding negative thoughts.

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