Suggestions needed for statutory review of the polling districts and polling places

two people filling out a questionnaire
Friday, 10 January, 2020

Redbridge Council is conducting a statutory review of polling districts and polling places in accordance with Section 18 of the Representation of the People Act 1983.

The purpose of the review is to ensure that:

  • All electors in the borough have such reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable in the circumstances; and
  • So far as is reasonable and practicable, the polling places in Redbridge are accessible to all electors, including persons with disabilities.

The review will not consider ward or constituency boundaries.

Redbridge Council would like to invited you to make representations on the existing polling arrangements and to make suggestions for improvements to these.

The Notice of Review may be viewed here Notice of Review

The schedule and maps of existing polling districts and polling places, together with provisional proposals pending receipt of any representations, may be viewed here

Please send any representations to by no later than 21 January 2020.


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