Supporting communities to celebrate together

A poster with the title, 'What Makes a Good Community?', drawn in the centre in large blue and red writing. It is surrounded by a series of drawings and writing that are too small to decipher. At the top right is the brochure for 'Let's Talk Gants Hill'.
Friday, 30 July, 2021

Coming out of isolation, Redbridge Council would like to support communities to come together, connect and celebrate with each other.

Through Let’s Talk Redbridge, the council is aiming to support around 25 community groups and organisations to run an activity or event, from August through October 2021, celebrating the richness of the local community. This could be a new event or one that has already been planned.

To get involved:

  1. Read through the FAQs on the website
  2. Then complete the 'Get Involved' form here.






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