University in search of Community Tutors

A girl being tutored
Friday, 16 August, 2019

Queen Mary University are looking for community tutors, to work with the GP tutor to deliver one of their courses and help with assessment of the students. They are searching for someone with current or pervious experience in social care or health care (conventional or alternative) organisation, or with a voluntary agency providing support or advice for people in need. The main requirement is that community tutors can help to provide first year students, some of whom may have very little experience of even talking to older people or young children, with a broader perspective on health and social care and its provision in the local area. 

A community tutor would need to be involved on at least eight out of twelve of the days through the year; and they would particularly like the community tutors to be present for at least some of the first day to meet and help orientate the students and on the last day when the students are assessed. An minimum of 40 hours direct contact with students, or giving feedback on their work would be accepted.

The community tutor role is paid for by the University and further details can be found in the Community Tutor Summary document attached below.

How do I find out more?

If you are interested in working as a community tutor please contact Maria Hayfron-Benjamin, Module Convenor for Medicine in Society on 0207 882 2505 or via E-mail at or Dr Meera Sood, Clinical Teaching Fellow at


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