Updated safeguarding thresholds

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Wednesday, 23 March, 2022

Redbridge Safeguarding Children Partnership (RSCP) has recently updated the local multi-agency guidance on safeguarding thresholds for referrals and access to early intervention. The revised document can be accessed here.

A one page summary document is also available here

Only one significant change has been made in consultation with stakeholders, relating to level 2/3 for physical abuse, and remains in line with the London SCP thresholds. Please refer to the examples given on pages 11 and 12 for further information.  Other amendments have been made to descriptions of services and contact details.

If you have any questions, send an email, or join the monthly Redbridge Multi-Agency Thresholds and Referrals Meeting. See here for more information. 

If you require additional support and guidance, RSCP is also delivering a half-day training session, Understanding Thresholds and Making Referrals

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