Whats your view on the proposed Council Tax Reduction Scheme?

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Friday, 13 September, 2019

Residents of Redbridge have till the 3rd of November to give Redbridge council their view on the proposed changes they are looking to make to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme for working age households for 2020/21.

In April 2013 The Council Tax benefit was abolished by the government and local councils were asked to design their own council Tax Reduction schemes for working age claimants.

The Council are proposing a new Tax Reduction scheme, based on income bands. They have removed the means tested method to allow claimants to budget more effectively, to protect them from cases of small fluctuations to not effect entitlement.

Under the proposed scheme there are six levels of support, with the current scheme levels of support range from 1% to 85%.

The aim of the scheme is to help:

·         Give protection for those in receipt of certain disability incomes

·         Support for those who are working and on a low income and in particular those on zero-hour contracts.

·         Support those moving from out of work benefits to work

·         Provide a higher degree of certainty in respect of Council Tax payments

To see the full article, the proposed changes in detail and to give your view on the Council Tax Reduction Scheme, click here.  

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