Redbridge Community Seed Fund

Closing date: Friday, 1 March, 2024

The Redbridge Community Seed Fund (RCSF) is offering grants to support not for profit groups to carry out work and projects that support the delivery of the four priorities the Redbridge Plan:

  • Safe and Healthy
  • Homes and Neighbourhood
  • Jobs and Skills
  • Clean and Green

and/or create:

  • a More Equitable Redbridge.

Applications demonstrating a commitment to delivering services in “The Redbridge Way”, as set out in the Redbridge Plan will be prioritised:

  • Prevention: activities and planning that help to address issues at an early stage and prevent increases in demand or worse outcomes.
  • Collaboration: How we collaborate with residents, businesses, public bodies, voluntary and community sector, and others to achieve greater results.
  • Responsibility: How we set out the responsibilities of the council and those of our residents, businesses, and partners

Applications will be assessed on a monthly basis. The deadlines for submitting an application for it to be assessed as part of that month's process are:

Community Seed Fund - Deadlines for Applications

Friday 08 Dec 23

Friday 05 Jan 24

Friday 02 Feb 24

Friday 01 Mar 24

The 2023-24 Community Seed Fund will close for applications in March 2024, or when the fund is exhausted, whichever is sooner.

Applications will be assessed by Council staff and recommendations made to the Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture and Communities to make the decision on which applications will be funded. All decisions made are final, and there is no appeals process once decisions have been made.

Further help and advice

We are providing further help and advice on completing the RSCF application form, and on finding and applying for other sources of funding.

You can contact Shaweb Ahmed, our Funding Officer, by email at

If you have any technical difficulties with completing the online form, or any other questions about the RCSF grant process, you can contact the London Borough of Redbridge Corporate Strategy and Engagement Team by email at

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