Redbridge Compact

The Redbridge Compact is a joint agreement between voluntary groups and public bodies, and exists to help the partners improve their relationship for mutual advantage and community gain.

The first Redbridge Compact was developed in 2003. Since then the Compact has helped different sectors work together to develop policy, design public services and gain funding.

The current Compact covers the period 2019-22. Implementation of the Compact will be monitored through a three-year action plan. The Redbridge Compact is supported by the London Borough of Redbridge, the London Fire Brigade, the Metropolitan Police, Redbridge Clinical Commissioning Group and RedbridgeCVS and Redbridge Faith Forum for the voluntary sector

The compact is available in different formats:

  • Download
    The full version of the Compact is available here
  • Download easy read version
    An easy read version of the Compact is available here
  • Printed copy, including large print
    Contact RedbridgeCVS on 020 8553 1004 or at, or write to us at RedbridgeCVS, 1st Floor, 103 Cranbrook Road, Ilford IG1 4PU.
  • BSL video of the Compact
    Available here

Disputes Procedure

If you feel that a breach of the Redbridge Compact has happened, the Disputes Procedure sets out what you should do, and how the procedure works.


The Redbridge Compact is monitored by the Compact Champions group, which ensures accountability and addresses non-compliance. Full details can be found in the Compact itself.

Any issues you want to raise?

If you have any issues you would like to raise any issue regarding the Redbridge Compact, please contact Jenny Ellis at RCVS on 020 3874 4143 to raise at the Compact Champions group on your behalf.

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